About Us

I.A.P.P Investment established to support the agricultural products and construction activities in Cambodia for more efficiency and effectively. Cambodia, as the target site, inhabits most of the principle elements for a very lucrative project in the agricultural sector. We do have unique experiences and knowledge in supporting Quality Services and Products for many years on construction activities and agricultural products (cassavas-corns) for exportation and special Thai-Cambodia cassava-corns trade zone in agriculture sector; especially, on activities such as: Supply Cassava (Local and International), Land for agriculture investment, Supply animal feeds, and Supply ago-products. Through experience of the agricultural products doing activities on the exportation to overseas in the last the decade, we discovered the reality agricultural product’s need from oversea countries, so we are honestly to bring our loyal international partners or customers with a better quality Agricultural products from Cambodia is the best opportunity of many kinds of agricultural products for ensuring higher exportation.
Over services:
 1-   I.A.P.P Investment on Agricultural Products sector:
  • Supply Cassava (Local and International)
  • Supply Agriculture Products
  • Available Land for Agriculture Investment
  • Supply Animal Feed (Left-over from beer production)
2-   I.A.P.P Investment on Construction sector:
  • Supply dirt, red soil, rock
  • Supply Soil refill service
  • Supply sand for construction